Hypnotherapy is a science, that I rely on of the human psyche. I work with the patients  subconscious and conscious to develop better habits.  Emotional trauma can paralyze a patients train of thinking. In session I promote wellness and restore the impairment on a clinical level.

Psychic Medium-ship is within all of us. However I use it in my practice to decipher when a persons energy is imbalanced. By doing so I am able to receive intuitive impressions of past and present experiences. Such as impairments in the body, headaches, sinus issues, dental, broken bones, cancer and even vitamin deficiencies.


Emotional trauma can paralyze a person’s train of thinking.  By working with the human psyche threw the subconscious and conscious , the patient is able to make better life habits IE: Addictions, fears, and phobias.

• Phobias • Smoking • Weight loss • Self-esteem • Trauma • Fears


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